Leading the field of industrial metallurgy

Sometra S.A. Copsa Mica is an industrial company situated in the center of Romania, historically specialized in lead, zinc and other nonferrous materials.

Sometra Products

The company is specialized in non-ferrous metallurgy, more exactly zinc oxides (Waelz oxides - powder) and clinker Waelz (Waelz slag - granulated). The Waelz oxides are a very high quality raw material for the Zinc and Lead metal production industry, while the clinker Waelz is a material rich in iron which can be applied in several industries including road construction.

Zinc Oxides

Clinker Waelz

Growth through Care and Investments

Our approach is to become an example for all companies in Romania and the region through a strategy based on gradual recycling of the stored waste, using top technologies, with zero negative impact on the environment in alignment with EU directives.